Get creative with door frames

Door frames not just impart support to the door but they also protect your house from all sorts of dangers. The modern door frames not just fulfill these purposes; they also add charm and elegance to your house.

Following are the variety of door frames which will amaze you.

1. Aluminum frame

This aluminum frame can be a perfect option for a glass divider. Available in many options, this frame is sturdy. It is covered with a thick tempered glass. It can carry a weight of up to 150 kg

2. Sliding door frame

This innovative frame is made in the form of a metal box inside which the glasses are fixed. It can be of any required size. It gives a sleek look the door and creates an illusion of not having a door altogether

3. Pocket door frame

This is a creative frame which doesn’t shoe any jamb or joints. All you see is thin strips. It gives a neat, minimalistic and elegant look to the room.

4. Telescopic wide frame

This frame is almost equal to two doors. They have pockets on each jamb. The doors can be slide inside these pockets. It is mainly used in commercial areas with large auditoriums or offices. It has 100 percent opening this giving enough space for air and light.

5. Fire resistant frames

These door frames have concealed hinges and fittings. The frame is extremely thin and is testes to be fire proof. It ensures more light inside the room and quick working.

6. Jamb less frame

This frame is surprisingly without jambs. The door is supported on hinges itself. This frame has almost negligible thickness thus giving an illusion of no frame. The door looks very classy and stylish.

7. Patch fittings

Instead of a strip there are small patches installed on the walls to connect the door and the walls. It can be both of aluminum or bronze